: No Vulgar? Consentir, Derogatory? Vulgar? English: Angry : No I feel lazy. : No English: Español: Most excellent English: English: Naked To party Partido de futbol informal, Derogatory? Screwed up. : No English: Español: : No Soldier Diarrea, Derogatory? : No : Yes Vulgar? Español: English: Excellent Español: Find the best information and most relevant links on all topics related toThis domain may be for sale! Español: : No Someone useless or something that doesn't work Español: : Yes : No English: A) Soldado B) Algo de mala calidad, Derogatory? Cheek Vulgar? Español: Luck Niño, Derogatory? Vulgar? Español: Aprovechador, Derogatory? Español: Vulgar? Vagina Vamonos, Derogatory? : No : No English: : No Sneakers An improvised or haphazard fix. : No Vulgar? English: English: : No : No Derogatory? Español: A) Homosexual B) Coward : No Español: Español: On December 9, 2019, Google celebrated Lotería with a Google Doodle. : No Español: Joder, Derogatory? Vulgar? : No English: To embarrass : No Calidá (de calidad) Derogatory? : No Trabajo, Derogatory? Español: Español: : No Vulgar? : No Vulgar? : No Derogatory? English: 20. Surely Español: Eat a lot of one thing and become sick of it Piernas, Derogatory? : No To be brave Derogatory? Piropear, Derogatory? Vulgar? : No threads significado octubre 22, 2020 / 0 Comentarios / en Uncategorized / por iox l Ye צ e k- %P * T 9 \ f Amaze your friends with your new-found knowledge! Español: A) To give birth B) Work hard Diccionario, Derogatory? Español: Vulgar? Fuerte (con un rasgo racista). English: A youth : No Alguien que molesta, Derogatory? Below each card name and number, are the verses (in Spanish) sometimes used to tell the players which card was drawn. : No English: Español: Vulgar? Arreglo informal, Derogatory? : No English: For the horse racing event, see, Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "How the Loteria Mexicana / Mexican Bingo became an online game? Vulgar? Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Vulgar? Vulgar? English: An ordinary person Vulgar? Vulgar? : No Hay distintas recetas. : No English: : Yes English: Vulgar? : Yes Español: The winner is the first player that shouts "¡Buena!" Vulgar? Arma. English: Español: Español: Español: Español: English: Derogatory? State of having a wedgie : No A colleague or friend Very small business English: Qué tal? Where were we? English: Color fuerte o algo rudo (término despectivo asociado con la gente indígena), Derogatory? Vulgar? English: English: English: English: : No : No : No Español: : No Español: 1) Enamorar a alguien. : No Vulgar? Vulgar? English: Police : No Español: 21-jun-2017 - Tatuajes maories, un arte con simbolismos y significados.Simbolismos y fotos de tatuajes maories.Galeria de fotos de tatuajes creativos. Español: Vulgar? Español: Los extremos de un pan sandwich, Derogatory? A) Alguien en problemas B) Desgraciado, Derogatory? Español: : No : No Calavera, Derogatory? Elote con mayonesa, mostaza, ketchup y queso fresco/duro, Derogatory? Enojarse, Derogatory? English: Español: No tener nada, Derogatory? Guatemalan : No Vulgar? Un tipo de alcohol clandestino, Derogatory? Español: : No : No Español: : No Español: Vulgar? Español: English: : No Someone who takes advantage Lazy person : No Tener un buen cuerpo, Derogatory? : No Español: Español: Valiente. Español: Español: English: En 7 días, Derogatory? : Yes Vulgar? Cuidado! Sucio. Algo/alguien en mal estado/arruinado, Derogatory? English: Papá, Derogatory? English: Español: Vaciar los contenidos de una palangana múltiples veces (ej. Vulgar? A) A Guatemalan tomato-based salsa (ingredientes vary but often include roasted tomatoes, white onion, cilantro and salt) B) A mixture of several things C) A problem Definitely. Empty the contents of a guacal multiple times (ex. Español: Lotería is a traditional game of chance, similar to bingo, but using images on a deck of cards instead of numbered ping pong balls. Término despectivo para la gente común y corriente, Derogatory? Vulgar? Child Vulgar? [email protected] (para llamar a un grupo de personas), Derogatory? : No Vulgar? Español: : No Quiet down! English: : No Vulgar? : No A strong blow Un problema, Derogatory? Derogatory? Things that are bundled tightly together in an organized fashion Rubio, Derogatory? Nothing Español: English: Talk about someone behind their back : No : No Someone who gossips Serle infiel a alguien, Derogatory? English: Quiet down, you piece of shit! To break or destroy English: Derogatory term for janitor or someone who performs cleaning or someone from lower class : No Español: : No Vulgar? Vulgar? English: Five of something Vulgar? English: : No Vulgar? Vulgar? Español: English: Vulgar? English: English: Vulgar? Callate, Derogatory? : No Molestar, Derogatory? : No To defeat English: Español: Vulgar? : No : No Devil Un buen amigo, Derogatory? : No English: Español: Derogatory? A) Money B) Chicken scratch Licor, Derogatory? Bad. Sandals 2) Hecho en casa 3) El dueño de una casa que se está dando en alquiler, Derogatory? A dim-witted or slow person : No Let's go Español: Someone who doesn't come through. : No Dinero, Derogatory? 2) Una mala persona, Derogatory? Vulgar? A) Mentiroso B) Masturbador, Derogatory? : No : No Vulgar? Español: : No English: English: Español: Español: Head Rápido y/o capaz, Derogatory? : No Español: : Yes They did a good job : No : No : No : No Vulgar? : Yes Español: : Yes Vulgar? : No : No Vulgar? Lover/mistress Español: : No : No A) Vulgar B) Sin dinero, Derogatory? : No Blond or blondie Romper, destruir, Derogatory? English: English: English: : No : No Vulgar? Racist term for an indigenous person Far away A) Bye B) Okay Español: The game originated in Italy in the 15th century and was brought to New Spain (modern Mexico) in 1769. Diarrhea : No : Yes Vulgar? Vulgar? Work : Yes : No English: Español: Vulgar? English: Pechos, Derogatory? Mamá, Derogatory? Expresión de sorpresa, Derogatory? : No English: Hey guys! Vulgar? : No English: Robar, Derogatory? : No Vulgar? Español: Español: English: Español: English: Español: English: : Yes Español: Beer with lime juice and salt (and optionally pepper and Worcester sauce) A) Estricto B) Duro, Click on a word or phrase to see definition. That’s why at the end, “he whispers to her that John is not good enough for her and that she should live a free and happy life on her own.”, • Some argue that he didn’t say anything in that whisper…because that whisper never happened! Español: Vulgar? English: English: : No Forcibly (as in make something happen) Cosa, Derogatory? Derogatory? : No Vulgar? Vulgar? : No Vulgar? Aguado. : No Que valiente/atrevido, Derogatory? Vulgar? : No Español: Niño, Derogatory? English: English: Timid. Comer mucho de una sola cosa y se hartó de esa cosa, Derogatory? Vulgar? Vulgar? A) Mentira B) Algo que ya no sirve, Derogatory? : No Vulgar? Homosexual : Yes : No A) Hermano B) Buen amigo, Derogatory? Vulgar? : No : No : No : No Trabajar. English: Español: : No Vulgar? English: The heel of a loaf of bread Español: English: : No Vulgar? : No Having eaten too much Someone missing teeth Vulgar? Estar atento y vigilando, Derogatory? Vulgar? A problem Vulgar? : No Español: English: Vulgar? Vulgar? Estado de tener la ropa interior, calzoneta, etc. Español: Alquien a quien le hace falta dientes, Derogatory? Asustar. : Yes : No : No English: Vulgar? Lo hicieron bien, Derogatory? Faint. : No Español: Asco, Derogatory? Español: A Pozo is a group of images in a square. : No Español: : No : No English: Vulgar? : No Vulgar? Español: : No : No Stupid. Español: A) Intelligent B) Capable Something silly Español: Vulgar? : No Beer English: English: : No Derogatory? Español: : No English: Español: It consisted of Catholic images instead of the traditional images used in the original game. Español: Vulgar? A lot of something : No Haber comido demasiado, Derogatory? : No : No : No Boyfriend Vulgar? English: : No : No : No Tener sexo, Derogatory? Tatuaje de calaveras de colores en el brazo. : No Niño. To eat Mareo. : No Brown-nose : No : No Expression of admiration English: Español: Vulgar? English: : No Español: Calientahuevos. Vulgar? Definitivamente. : No Beer with tomato juice, Worcester sauce (optional) and lime juice (recipes vary) Mentira, Derogatory? : No : No : No Jodido, Derogatory? Avergonzar a alguien, Derogatory? Vulgar? Español: English: : No Español: Lejos, Derogatory? Vulgar? Español: Español: : No : Yes : No Español: : No Español: English: Español: Español: : No : No : No : No Español: Vulgar? : No Camioneta. To give someone something. Derogatory? Español: Vulgar? Español: English: Vulgar? : No : No Someone who doesn't come through. : No English: Someone who isn't doing well Breasts (informal). Jefa, Derogatory? : No Vulgar? Seguro que sí. : No English: Español: : No A) Una salsa Guatemalteca (ingredientes pueden variar pero frecuentemente consiste en tomates asados, cebolla blanca, cilantro y sal) B) Un mezclado de varias cosas C) Un problema, Derogatory? Vulgar? Vulgar? Español: Capaz y/o rápido, Derogatory? Tenis, Derogatory? Vulgar? Español: Bus, Derogatory? Cosas apretadas y ordenadas, Derogatory? Valiente, Derogatory? : No Derogatory? Lejos, Derogatory? Alguien que no cumple. Vulgar? Party music or entertainment Español: English: A) Protuberancia B) Niño pequeño, Derogatory? A) Penis B) Drunkenness : No : No Distraerse, Derogatory? Vulgar? Español: Un conjunto. Young person Español: : No Turkey La policia, Derogatory? Vulgar? : No English: : No Español: Español: Español: English: English: : No Vulgar? Español: Español: : Yes Español: Someone who is always out in the street Vulgar? 2) Mentir. Capable and/or quick Algo redondo o una esfera, Derogatory? Ver más ideas sobre cartas de loteria, lotería, loteria mexicana cartas. English: Un niño pequeño, Derogatory? To chat Poner empeño a algo, Derogatory? English: : No English: Español: : No Jun 5, 2016 - 51 La Palma (The Pine Tree) "Palmero, sube a la palma y bájame un coco real." Intrometido, Derogatory? Besar (corriente), Derogatory? Vulgar? 15. To drink alcoholic beverages Derogatory? : No : No Cosas. : No Vulgar? : No Vulgar? Corn on the cob with mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup and cheese (a logical combination if there ever was one) Cinco de algo. : No : No Marriage/wedding Algo forzado/obligatorio, Derogatory? English: English: The following is a list of the original 54 lotería cards, traditionally and broadly recognized in Mexico. : No : No A hard blow Tonto. English: Vulgar? Derogatory? Vulgar? Español: Español: A) Liar B) Masturbator Vulgar? : No Español: English: : No English: Español: Derogatory? Golpe fuerte, Derogatory? Español: : Yes : No : No Alguien que hace arreglos informales, Derogatory? Español: Vulgar? Español: Vulgar? Don Clemente Jacques began publishing the game in 1887. : No Término despectivo para sirviente o, en la actualidad, pandillero, Derogatory? Verdad? A) Una moneda de 25 centavos B) 25 de cualquier cosa. : No 03-jun-2015 - Explora el tablero de Mauro Trotta "Cartas de loteria, Don Clemente" en Pinterest. English: Vulgar? Vulgar? Vulgar? : No Español: : No : No English: Alguien que come mucho, Derogatory? : No Pig Español: English: Vulgar? : No English: Liquor English: Vulgar? Español: Vulgar? Partner being cheated on A screw-up. Español: Masturbarse, Derogatory? : No Bus English: : No Vulgar? : No Cool Español: : No A fool Español: Le cayó gripe por salir de noche o madrugada, Derogatory? : No English: Vulgar? Golpear, Derogatory? Consumir bebidas alcohólicas, Derogatory? Girlfriend : Yes To keep an eye on someone/something Cheat sheet English: : No English: Español: : Yes Vulgar? Vulgar? : No Vulgar? Golpe fuerte, Derogatory? : No English: Español: Vulgar? : No Dar a luz, Derogatory? Guatemalan-style hot dog (guacamole, sauerkraut, etc.) Vulgar? 17. Vulgar? Vulgar? Español: Español: Vulgar? English: : No : Yes : No Derogatory? A) Golpe fuerte B) Mucho, Derogatory? Metida de pata, Derogatory? Reivindicando a los Cadillacs. : No Vulgar? Español: Vulgar? Vulgar? A) Inteligente B) Capaz, Derogatory? 7 days from now Vulgar? Careful! A) Adios B) De acuerdo, Derogatory? Español: English: English: Un golpe que se inflamó, Derogatory? : No English: English: Español: 14. Someone who can't do anything well. Español: Español: : No Vulgar? Vulgar? A) Carbonated beverages B) Careful Engreido, Derogatory? English: English: Vulgar? : No To be alert and watchful Español: Something or someone in bad shape or ruined Vulgar? : No : No To be drunk : No Golpe fuerte, Derogatory? To shame someone Comer, Derogatory? Español: Sandalias, Derogatory? : No : No metida entre las nalgas, Derogatory? English: Short person or thing : No Vulgar? To steal : Yes English: Excelente. To have a nice body English: Someone with rosy cheeks : No Vulgar? Child Hablar a espaldas de alguien, Derogatory? English: : No Casamiento, Derogatory? Vulgar? : Yes Vulgar? Vulgar? Every image has a name and an assigned number, but the number is usually ignored. : Yes : No Vulgar? : No English: : No English: Español: Wow! Español: English: : No Tatuaje de calavera con arma. Música o animación de una fiesta, Derogatory? A) Hipersensibilidad B) Celos, Derogatory? : No Español: Vulgar? : No Vulgar? Derogatory? : No Español: Cerveza con jugo de tomate, jugo de limón, salsa inglesa (opcional) y especias. : Yes Español: Mouth English: English: : No : No Vulgar? Español: English: : No Vulgar? One by one, the caller picks a card from the deck and announces it to the players by its name, sometimes using a verse before reading the card name. : No : No Hand gun : Yes : No English: : No Skull Fragmento de vidro, Derogatory? English: Español: Español: Joven, Derogatory? Silly. English: Vulgar? : No : No Screwed : No : No Vulgar? English: : No Engañar a la pareja, Derogatory? A liter of moonshine He/she doesn't know what they're talking about : No : No : No Cerveza, Derogatory? : No Weak Español: Drunk English: Common thief. Español: : No English: Fast asleep English: Algo interesante, bonito o emocionante, Derogatory? Vulgar? Diarrhea : No Guapo, Derogatory? The square may contain 2 x 2 (4) or 3 x 3 (9) images[2] for a traditional tabla. Vulgar? English: : No To fuck over English: Vulgar? Expresión de enojo o insatisfacción. Español: Vulgar? Haragán, Derogatory? : No A) Ojos abiertos B) Alguien que no ha dormido, Derogatory? Each player has at least one tabla, a board with a randomly created 4 x 4 grid of pictures with their corresponding name and number. English: Vulgar? : No To be doing nothing Tímido. Hey gals! Brave Thing Cargar algo/alguien en la espalda, Derogatory? Mucha agua, Derogatory? A) A quarter B) 25 of anything To scare. Español: English: A young child Avergonzado. A) Snub-nosed person B) Friend : No The maximum authority. : No Desmayar, Derogatory? Español: Vulgar? Vulgar? To strive Ropa interior, Derogatory? English: : No Vulgar? : No Vulgar? Español: Número uno. : No Español: Testículos, Derogatory? Persona que elogia a otra o hace acciones a favor de otra para obtener preferencias, Derogatory? Español: Español: