Rock you like a hurricane . MK11 Fujin Fatalities How to perform Fujin’s fatalities? But no worries. How To Do Fujin’s Fatalities. Twisted Twister. ‘Mid’ requires you to be about two Backdashes away from the opponent. Crossbow Kill: After levitating the opponent, Fujin shoots his crossbow at them, causing them to explode. With an easy fatality token, stand next to the opponent, hold block, and press 3. 0. If you input the directions correctly you can perform the second move even if it’s not been unlocked. Just like any other fighter, Fujin also features two brutal Fatalities that can be performed on the opponent or the enemy who is fighting you 1v1. Fujin Fatalities. Mortal Kombat 11 Fatalities Guide – How to Perform RoboCop’s Fatalities; MK11 Aftermath Friendships Guide – How to Perform Friendships; MK11 Aftermath Stage Fatalities Guide – How to Perform Stage Fatalities Here is how to perform the Sheeva Fatalities in MK11. This Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath Fujin Fatalities Guide will show you how to perform all the Fatalities special to Fujin, who is the new character among others in the Aftermath DLC of the game. (MK4, MKG) Serving as essentially a Mortal Kombat version of an airbender, Fujin is canonically one of the strongest characters in the series and his fatalities most certainly do not hold back. (MK11 - Equip Ability) Divine Wind: Fujin uses a stream of air to hover above the ground. 2020-05-31 11:00:00 by Chris Moyse. Mortal Kombat 11 Fujin Fatalities, Brutalities, Krushing Blow and Friendship guide. More Mortal Kombat 11. Fujin is a Wind God similar to how Raiden is a Thunder God, with him having the power to manipulate the air around him. At far distance (nearly full screen), press back, down, down, back. The Mortal Kombat 11 Sheeva Fatalities are hidden away once you download her. (MK11 - Equip Ability) Fatalities. Also note, when you say ‘Close’ you have to be pretty close to touch the opponent while you input the command. Just like other characters in MK11, Sheeva has two Fatalities you can utilize at the end of a match. This ability conflicts with Sky Wakka when equipped, disabling the option to select Sky Wakka.