And assuming the sequence of events is meant to show how quickly the authority reacts to tax evasion, that would put Springfield in the North American Eastern Time Zone. In the episode "Itchy & Scratchy Land", The Simpsons family briefly has to stop at a Fruits and Vegetables Checkpoint, causing Homer to panic (as he was apparently smuggling Fruits and Vegetables as a side job). "Bart After Dark" establishes that the series is set near Baby Seal Beach, which a television reporter says is on the West Coast, which would place the Springfield in that episode in California or Oregon. Another fact is that Springfield is always mentioned as being located in a "state", while in Canada the term used is "Provinces". The real I-95 is a major north-south route along the east coast of the United States. If they lived in Alaska, this is not so bad, if they don't live in Alaska, it is quite a long trip. In "Catch'em If You Can", Homer is about to take a plane trip and complains about the airline of a previous trip. [2], The state has many counties. Springfield's geography is often impossible, as West Springfield is the shape of Texas, and three times its size. In the episode Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington during the reading of the competition essays, a map of the United States is shown, and pans to different locations to show other competitors speaking. (Annoyed Grunt)", the Squeaky-voiced teen quits his job to go work at "Jolly Tamale" which is a small but somewhat popular Mexican restaurant in Springfield, Illinois. But The Simpsons Movie rules out Alaska as they move there. One episode showed jellyfish washing up on Springfield Beach. Also, very few citizens have a southern accent, which would be common in most parts of Kentucky. In one episode, "Bart's Comet", a comet is threatening to strike Springfield. Just before Lisa is shown, the map shows the state Springfield is located in (signified by a Blinky on the map). any Giant Bomb content. Are you looking for the nearest Springfield, North Dakota Social Security Administration Office? [18], Marge was driving and sees a car that is very slow from New Jersey, and Marge told the driver to go back to New Jersey so they can't live in New Jersey.[19]. In the episode "Principal Charming" and "Selma's Choice", Hans Moleman's driver's license shows a ZIP code of 90701. The bridge could be a coincidence, and Quimby may not have grown up in Springfield. David Silverman, director of The Simpsons Movie and various episodes of the series, has joked that Springfield is located in North Takoma, supported by the state abbreviations NT and TA seen in the show (for example, in Homer’s driver license). Items ordered from Springfield Distribution may be subject to tax in certain states, based on the state to which the order is shipped. Marge Simpson and Barney Gumble both exhibit rhotic New York accents, while Carl Carlson and Lenny Leonard, as well as Moe Szyslak, who is not a Springfield native, but who did move to Springfield as a young child, all have non-rhotic (i.e. Most of the exceptions to the rule (such as station KDKA in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, WFAA in Dallas, Texas, WOAI in San Antonio, Texas, WOW in Omaha, Nebraska, WDAY in Fargo, North Dakota, or WHB in Kansas City, Missouri) were assigned call letters before this convention was established. Several episodes indicate that Springfield has an ocean coastline. ", Congressmen Bob Arnold also poses for a photo shoot with Lisa Simpson (it is presumed that he takes part in the photo shoot to boost his popularity in his district – and that the only reason he is seeing Lisa is because she is from this very same district). Apart from the General American accent spoken by most children and many adults (for example, as spoken by Homer Simpson), a notable segment of the middle-aged generation of Springfield natives has an accent variety typical of the greater New York metropolitan area. During one of the Halloween specials, it is proposed that Kang, a space alien, is the real father of Maggie. In the episode "Three Men and a Comic Book" Bart attempts to redeem a bottle deposit. However, when offered free air travel to any US State, the Simpsons are told "except Alaska and Hawaii. The citizens of Springfield have a range of accents, though many originate from elsewhere (such as the Scottish Groundskeeper Willie or Indian Apu Nahasapeemapetilon). In another episode, Lisa says West Springfield is 3 times the size of Texas (though "Texas" is also the name of various towns in various states). There is a Springfield in Virginia through which I-95 runs; while there is no Mechanicsburg in Virginia, there are four communities named Mechanicsville. Community Classifieds. In the episode "Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield", the Simpsons go to the Ogdenville outlet mall to get a new television. [13] There is also evidence to disprove this point when the family vacations to Florida (which Homer refers to as "America's wang") and is prohibited from returning. As the camera pans away from earth, the concentric radio signals are shown to be emanating from Louisiana. linked to 24 games. The state has a comprehensive Interstate Highway system, linking to Oregon, Michigan, New Jersey, Texas and "some other state." In an episode where the Simpsons visit a prep school, Homer says to Lisa that he will pay for her to attend any college in South Carolina. The state is made up of mainly agricultural land, with occasional large cities such as Capital City and medium-sized towns such as Springfield and Shelbyville. All radio and television station call signs west of the Mississippi River, except for few grandfathered stations, begin with the letter K while stations east of the Mississippi River begin with the letter W. This implies then that Springfield must be west of the Mississippi River because its television station uses the call sign KBBL, television being non-existent at the time of creation of the K and W call sign system, unless the stations in question operate on a dual-license arrangement (an owner of a grandfathered radio station that later received a license for a sister television station), as in KYW-AM radio station and KYW-TV/KYW-DT television stations, in Philadelphia, KDKA-AM and KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh, both of which are in Pennsylvania, and WDAY-FM, WDAY-AM, and WDAY-TV/WDAY-DT in Fargo and WDAZ-TV/WDAZ-DT in Grand Forks, North Dakota. One of the couch gags (which cannot be considered canon) zoomed out and showed the Simpsons' house in Springfield, Illinois. Northwestern Nevada on the border of SE Oregon and NE California; SE border area of Texas or possibly the eastern border of Louisiana; Midpoint connection of Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky; A point around the Alabama, Georgia and Florida connecting borders; and a spot looking like Northern Kentucky, which touches Indiana, Ohio, and Virgina. The Simpsons address, 742 Evergreen Terrace, is an actual address in Savannah, Missouri. However, the full name "North Tacoma" has never been officially confirmed in any canonical episode of The Simpsons or by other Simpsons producers. This is also supported in Viva Ned Flanders where Lisa states that she is surprised that they allowed the Monty Burns Casino to come along when they moved the city. The Simpsons® is a registered trademark of 20th Century Fox. The area is most known for waterfront parks and restaurants, the Point Defiance Park , the University of Puget Sound , Stadium High School , and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge . [10], Additionally, there are frequent mentions throughout Simpsons episodes of the state capital, Capital City. to which Marge responds to by saying, "They must be from California.". A sign in Springfield shows the distance to Orlando too far for Springfield to be in the same state. In the episode "Old Yeller-Belly", the Amish build a treehouse for the Simpsons, indicating that Springfield is in either Ohio or Pennsylvania. However, The Simpsons does make an indirect reference to the Illinois city; in the episode where Homer is in a graveyard at night digging a plot, discarded dirt covers up the grave of Adlai Stevenson (a prominent Illinois politician and two-time US presidential candidate, buried in Bloomington, Illinois, 50 miles to the northeast). Sylvia Winfield sold her house and Homer says "Going to run out the clock in Florida, hey?". He asks an attendant standing on the final carriage where it is going and is told "Springfield". This possibly hints that Springfield may be in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. "K" as the first call letter usually indicates a radio station west of the Mississippi River, whereas "W" as the first call letter usually indicates a radio station east of the Mississippi River. Additionally, In the episode "The Springfield Files", Mulder tells Scully that there has been "another unsubstantiated UFO sighting in the heartland of America", referring to Homer's close encounter with an alien. In The Simpsons Movie, Russ Cargill goes to see "President Schwarzenegger". It's possible then that "Springfield" is being used to mean simply the greater area around Springfield, Massachusetts, which includes north-central Connecticut. However, South Dakota can also be ruled out since congressman Bob Arnold could be on a natural resources committee in congress and simply knows the lay of the land. One possibility to explain the diversity of accents in the relatively small city is that different socioeconomic groups in the town have different accents or that the town is a melting pots of various dialects, perhaps because it is located midway between a variety of distinct dialect regions. On the one hand, it would seemingly make sense to be bribing the congressman that actually represents the district which includes Mount Rushmore, thereby placing Springfield in South Dakota. [17], When A group making a film is looking for a location to film in, there is an advert for Texas and also sees an advert for Springfield further ruling out this Texas. Also, Milhouse's mother mentions Mechanicsburg; there is a Mechanicsburg in both Ohio and Pennsylvania. Springfield also has a nuclear power plant, a naval base, an army base and an air force base. All Rights Reserved. This means that Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming are all not possible. send you an email once approved. The cheapest way to get from Springfield to North Dakota costs only $91, and the quickest way takes just 4¾ hours. Shown in various episodes inside of Android's Dungeon Comics & Baseball Card Shop is a Boston Red Sox pennant, a hometown baseball team in Springfield, Massachusetts. The town's mayor, Joe Quimby, oddly has an accent reminiscent of John F. Kennedy, which is itself a cultivated, non-natural accent that has some similarities to the local Boston accent. in a heavy Bostonian accent. ), Geography of Springfield and its location, Springfield Heights Institute of Technology, Ice Cream of Margie (with the Light Blue Hair), Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Three Times, Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield, So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show, Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious, Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish", Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish, Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers",, Brewing, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Petrochemicals, Nuclear Power. A circle of exactly 1000 km would sweep (clock-wise) southwestern Texas, eastern New Mexico, mid-eastern Colorado, northwestern Nebraska, center-southeastern South Dakota, central Minnesota, northern Wisconsin, central Michigan, central Ohio, southwestern West Virginia, a very small and uninhabited segment in the east most tip of Kentucky, southeastern Virginia, eastern Tennessee, western North Carolina, northwestern South Carolina, central Georgia, and northwestern Florida. In "You Only Move Twice", a newspaper is seen indicating that Hank Scorpio has taken control of the East coast. Buy, sell, trade, date, events... post anything. The son says: "Yeah, but what state?" In the Simpsons Movie, the Simpsons move to Alaska, which means that they don`t live there. It is possible that Springfield's state has been in a constant state of flux over the years considering the amount of pollution it theoretically creates and diversity of animal life shown. Traditionally, "The heartland of America" is applied to Eastern Nebraska, where Nebraska's Springfield exists. A family in Springfield, as defined by the Census, includes a householder and all the other people in the housing unit related to him or her, by birth, marriage, or adoption.. Not all households in Springfield are family households. They are rescued by floating towards an unmanned oil rig which nevertheless features a failing Krusty Burger restaurant. In the episode "Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood", On the map of "Krusty Burger" locations, Homer points to the one off the east coast, implying they live on the east coast. The fact that Homer was traveling through New York to get to Harrisburg would seem to suggest that he had to travel south to get to Pennsylvania, thus placing Springfield in either New York or New England. Our office location listings include the phone number, address, hours that the office is open and reviews of the office. Illinois has a small strip of coastline in the northern part of the state. However, the term "Springfield," if referring to Massachusetts's Springfield metropolitan area, can be used to include Connecticut towns lying just south of the Connecticut–Massachusetts border. Smash is able to drive an aircraft carrier to New York City. In the episode "Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge", the character Fat Tony drives into downtown Springfield past a highway identification sign that very closely resembles United States Interstate signs, and bears the route number 95. Nobody knows exactly where Springfield is. In one episode, an "Abraham Lincoln Squirrel" was found and murdered in Springfield. The sequence contained plenty of cloud cover, but put Springfield somewhere in the Midwest, probably near the Mississippi River (Iowa, or maybe Missouri). Springfield has also been made clear to be in a state and not a district, so the District of Columbia is not possible. #Springfield North Dakota Bar Exam Tutor JobsThere Are Multiple Ways For Tutors To Earn While…See this and similar jobs on LinkedIn. In "Mother Simpson" Bart and Lisa look at Mona's drivers licenses and her name was Mona Simpson on the Wisconsin license. Find cheap tickets to anywhere in North Dakota from Springfield. Interstate 95 was depicted in one of the episodes. The uncertain location of Springfield is a running gag in the series, based on the fact that 34 states in the United States have at least one community with that name; and several have more than one. Their interchange is in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California. However, the phrase "three times the size of Texas" could also refer to several real-world towns named "Texas" in a variety of states (e.g. Springfield must have access to the coasts via a river or lake. He said: However, this is only slightly relevant - he could have been visiting the state at the time. The area also has a good rail network, with both passenger and freight services. Homer is shown driving into Montana, presumably on a short trip. [citation needed] This is substantiated by the state abbreviations NT and TA used within the show, most notably on Homer's driver's license. With KAYAK you can also compare prices of plane tickets for last minute flights to anywhere in North Dakota from Springfield. It is not known where it is, due to a mixture of geographical features and various comments by inhabitants. See the difference between men's and women's median earnings in Springfield, North Dakota, based on data from the American Community Survey. Another, less orthodox system is the monorail system installed in Springfield, Brockway, Ogdenville and North Haverbrook, since closed for safety reasons. Springfield is the setting for all of The Simpson's games and the hit television show. The sequence featured a "zooming out" from the Simpson household to a satellite view, then a solar system view, and so on in a parody of the 1977 documentary short Powers of Ten. There is a central highway named Highway 401 in the Province of Ontario, Canada, that passes through the City of Toronto. The episode "Worst Episode Ever" implies that Springfield is located in Massachusetts, as one of Jeff Albertson's pirated videos, a Cold War-era classified mission tape, states that Springfield was designated as a "NWB" (or Nuclear Whipping Boy. The 'proof' that the Simpsons are from Springfield, South Dakota comes toward the end of the episode. However, this could have been fake as she was on the run from the police. Book your train and bus tickets today by choosing from over 30 U.S. train routes and 500 destinations in North America. In the episode El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer, Marge notes that Springfield slopes down in a westward direction, lending more credibility to the West Coast theory. However, the state itself doesn't seem to be Oregon and there seems to be many differences between Oregon and Springfield's state. This however, could simply mean nothing. Arlen, Texas, interestingly enough, is just as fictional and mysterious as Springfield. In the episode "The Springfield Files", Mulder tells Scully that there has been "another unsubstantiated UFO sighting in the heartland of America", referring to Homer's close encounter with an alien; so, for that episode, Springfield was presumably somewhere in the Midwest. In one of the episode intros, where the screen zooms out of the universe from the Simpsons' house, it zooms out of Illinois, and there is a real city named Springfield in Illinois. You can search for It should be noted that since the monorail seller was a fraud, the map may not be accurate and made to make sure all three cities fit on the map. Springfield is meant to represent anytown U.S.A. However, The Simpsons cannot take place in New Jersey, as Homer and Bart must drive extensively to reach the Edison National Historic Site. The Springfield in this episode has to be in one of the mountain states. The first three places are all in UTC-5 time zone when the Northern Hemisphere is in winter, when the episode was first aired. Marge is seen driving to Ogdenville, which was shown in the southwest, approximately Arizona. In an interview with Matt Groening in 2012, Groening revealed that Springfield was named after Springfield, Oregon. While Springfield, Illinois has a Shelbyville 50 miles to the southeast, and a nuclear power plant 40 miles to the north-east, there has not been any indication that it is 'the' Springfield, and could be coincidental. The family is shown driving over the Mississippi River en route to Washington, D.C. Ned Flanders falls for one of Homer's pranks by going to Montana to meet Jesus by Train. To do so, she climbs a giant sequoia tree to prevent a team from cutting it down. The public square found in the Simpson's "Springfield" is very similar to that of one in Springfield, Illinois. In an earlier episode "Kamp Krusty", it is established that Tijuana is just a day trip away, meaning that the Springfield in this episode could logically be in California, New Mexico or Arizona. The episode "New Kids on the Blecch" established that oceangoing warships visit and dock at Springfield's harbor. There is a strong case for the non-existent state being west of the Mississippi River, particularly somewhere on the west coast. In the episode "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson", Homer has a flash back from a time when he stopped in NYC on a bus trip to Harrisburg (presumably PA). The state was founded by circus freaks, and was believed to be the location of New Sodom, due to misinterpreting a passage in the Bible. The map shows North Haverbrook in the Midwest, approximately in Iowa. Additionally, in "Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood" there is a scene in which Bart, Homer, Flanders, and Rod are lost at sea, which would imply they live on either the West or East coasts. It is best known for containing Springfield. At the center of the square, is a statue of Abraham Lincoln, much like that of Jebediah Springfield. (In the episode "King of the Hill", Bart claims the Murderhorn is more than four miles higher than Springfield's elevation. However, there are a variety of other accents also spoken by presumed natives of the town. He often takes bribes and is a known womanizer. In that same episode, Cypress Creek (the community where the Simpsons move, which is said to be upstate) is shown with mountains. Fat Tony told Apu that his false identity was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Springfield, North Dakota Social Security Offices Near Me. A recurring name given for this state is North Tacoma/Takoma (named after the neighborhood in Tacoma, Washington), as given by animator/director David Silverman; however no other member of the staff has given this name. Springfield is a northern state that fought with the Union during the Civil War. So Springfield isn't in Wisconsin. Catfish Lake is known for its fishing and marriage retreats. Click here for your invite! Classifieds for our community. The state also contains at least 2000 McDonald's Restaurants, according to Lou.[4]. In one episode, the Simpsons were going to Delaware, while on a train they had to cross the Mississippi, meaning they came from the west. When Bart and Lisa go on a field trip to Capital City, they get lost and meet a bunch of hobos/rednecks, a common stereotype of people in Kentucky. In the episode "Mother Simpson", Homer discovers that the tombstone he always thought belonged to his mother actually belongs to Walt Whitman (causing Homer to pummel said tombstone and curse "Leaves of Grass, my ass!"). Indiana does not border an ocean, but does in fact touch Lake Michigan, which could possibly appear similar to an ocean. According to the episode "The Seven-Beer Snitch" (episode fourteen of The Simpsons' sixteenth season), there's a gas chamber in the Springfield prison. Springfield Civil Rights Lawyers represent clients who have been illegally discriminated against on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability and national origin. In "Moe Letter Blues" Moe mentions moving to Springfield because its zip code on a calculator spells "boobs". This coupled with the fact that Springfield is located on an ocean and the sun sets on it seems to leave California as the only possibility. However, when the stranded group discovered the near by restaurant, Homer points at the east coast oil rig. An FBI agent, in a successful attempt to set up Congressmen Bob Arnold, poses as an "oil company" executive who wants to drill for oil in Teddy Roosevelt's head on Mount Rushmore and offers Congressmen Bob Arnold a bribe to get permission to do so. Below are office locations nearest to Springfield, North Dakota. Plus, the city has a vulnerability to every sort of natural disaster, which no one area would have. The state is heavily polluted due to years of environmental neglect by the government and the local nuclear plants. And, by gum, it put them on the map!" Springfield, Illinois is located on Lake Springfield. In the episode "Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington" the Simpson's mail contains the ZIP code 192005, a made-up ZIP code obviously, as real ZIP codes are 5 digits. Regional dialects and accents are often used to help place people's origins. Professor Frink devises a plan in which a rocket is fired at the comet. Various other episodes show traveling characters: In "Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood", Homer pulls out a map of Krusty Burger locations in the US. In the episode where the Simpsons go to New York City, Homer has a flash back from a time when he stopped in NYC on a bus trip to Harrisburg (presumably PA). The state is both too small and isn't close to the ocean. Other cities in the state include: Cypress Creek, founded by the Globex Corporation; Ogdenville, famous for its outlet malls and monorail; Little Pwagmattasquarmsettport, known as America's scrod basket; and Capital City, the largest city and the state capital. There is also Swartzwelder County which borders Springfield and the rural Spittle County, which claims to be the birthplace of the loogie. Toxic waste is to be found in most bodies of water as well as the occasional mutated three-eyed fish. (Belch)". In the episode "New Kids on the Blecch", L.T. Also, there are many tall mountains in Springfield (ex: The Murderhorn) while Florida is a mostly flat state with no mountains at all. In the episode "Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment", during the St. Patrick's Day parade, a drunk local sporting a Red Sox shirt shouts, "Hey, this is some wicked pah-ty, huh?" This has also lead to speculation of Toronto being the inspiration to Springfield (or of Springfield, Ontario being the show's location); however as mentioned above, the countless pieces of evidence of Springfield being in the United States automatically disprove this theory. After the photo shoot the picture is shown back in Springfield in the "Springfield Shopper" newspaper which Moe reads to Barney (additional evidence that Congressmen Bob Arnold is Springfield's congressman). In the episode Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge, it is shown the Population of Springfield is around 30,000. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Furthermore, Marge is of French ancestry (her maiden name is Bouvier), so maybe she is Cajun. Afterwards, a fax is made to Washington D.C at 2:03 PM, and Krusty is arrested in Springfield at 2:04 PM. Springfield is the setting for all of The Simpson's games and the hit television show. David Silverman, a director for the Simpsons, has claimed that Springfield is in the fictional state of "North Tacoma" (or "North Takoma"). Skinner drives Willie's car from Springfield to Orlando, Florida and passes a sign saying Orlando, 2653 miles. This suggests that Springfield could be in Nebraska or Alaska. The authority is known by various alternate names in Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas and Washington. it has various features that only the west coast has, a TV station that starts with a K (assuming that the Federal Communications Commission of the Simpsons' universe mirrors the real world FCC.). Black Friday Sale: Take 20% Off All Giant Bomb Merch Until 11/30! In several episodes the radio and television stations in Springfield use the call sign KBBL. KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites to help you find cheap airfare and book the flight that suits you best. The state features two international airports: Springfield and Capital City. This dismisses the Michigan theory, as Wiggum is considered an expert on slacking off on his duties and leaving his work to be completed by others. Although, in the Simpsons Jumbo Rain-Or-Shine Fun Book, there is a fill-in-the-blank story in which Lisa says, "There's a car with ____ strapped to its roof!" Join to talk about the wiki, Simpsons and Tapped Out news, or just to talk to other users. Also, Ned Flanders says that Kentucky is one of the four states that border Springfield, meaning Springfield could not be in Kentucky.[7]. We also know that West Springfield is three times the size of Texas,[8] which itself is the second biggest state. more "fully-fledged" r-dropping) New York accents. The actual tallest mountain in the United States, Mount McKinley in Alaska, rises less than four miles above sea level.) It has no fixed location and the city can often change locations based on the plot of the needs of the Game/TV Show. It's easy, free, and your work on the wiki can be attributed to you. The Springfield in this episode has to be in a coastal county of Washington state, either Grays Harbor, Jefferson or Clallam. It should be noted that in "Homer Alone", the lobby of Rancho Relaxo (located in the Springfield Mountains) plays the radio station "Coma", whose call letters are WKOMA. Abby's Not-Goodbye-But-See-You-Later Stream! Only five states have a gas chamber as an option for capital punishment in their prisons: California, Arizona, Wyoming, Missouri and Maryland. The most extreme example of this is Springfield Elementary School, which was moved from Missouri brick by brick after reaching bottom of the state league table. However in the episode Little Big Girl Bart and Darcy move to Utah to get married so it can't be in Utah. A good example of this is when Flanders says that the four states that border Springfield are Ohio, Nevada, Maine, and Kentucky, which is impossible.[7].